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Find the project presentation, folders, press releases and other material.

APOSDLE Overview of the first Prototype

Find a short description that gives an overview of the first APOSDLE prototype.

APOSDLE Prototype 1

This is a demonstration of the first APOSDLE prototype. See how Alan Garfield and Sara Bourne, both requirements engineers, use APOSDLE to work, learn and collaborate. This requires Adobe Shockwave Player. In case you can't see the demo correctly, try the following file.

APOSDLE Prototype 1 (German)

Dies ist eine Demo des ersten APOSDLE Prototypen in Deutsch. Die Demo zeigt wie Alan Garfield und Sara Bourne, beide im Bereich Requirements Engineering beschäftigt, mit APOSDLE arbeiten, lernen und kollaborieren. Die Demo benötigt Adobe Shockwave Player.

APOSDLE Promotional Flyer

The APOSDLE Flyer is available in pdf Format.

APOSDLE Project Presentation

This presentation gives an overview of the challenges tackled, the objectives and the workpackages. A scenario illustrates the APOSDLE vision.


The APOSDLE Logo provided as high resolution Vector EPS, in Web Format and as high quality JPG:

Aposdle Logo-4c 200.71 kB
Web Formats 27.28 kB


How does APOSDLE support businesses and their employees to continuously learn and master new knowledge? This movie follows Sandra, who is a CAD manager in an engineering company, through a typical workday. Find out how APOSDLE supports Sandra to continuously learn at work, to learn collaboratively in her work environment, and from resources available in her organisation.

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Download Video (as SWF)

Next to the web version the APOSDLE movie is also available in high defintion. We recommend VLC for best viewing of the HD version of movie. VLC can be downloaded and used for free at http://www.videolan.org/vlc/.

The following movie downloads are provded: