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APOSDLE - work, learn, collaborate


A short description of the ten work packages (WP) of the APOSDLE project.

Research Activities | Horizontal Activities

WP VII: Dissemination, Exploitation & Standardisation

Contact: KC

Communicates the results of the APOSDLE project to the outside world and creates awareness in the research communities. It develops plans for future industrial exploitation. It provides a “technology watch” service to the project and promotes the participation within standardisation bodies.

WP VIII: Demonstration Activities

Contact: CNM

Creates awareness in different potential target groups outside the project consortium and motivates them to get in touch with the project.

WP IX: Training Activities

Contact: ISN

This includes consortium internal training (focus) to ensure a smooth cooperation of all consortium partners and external training to organisations outside the consortium. In addition, evaluation phases are prepared by training the application partner users.

WP X: IP Management

Contact: JRS

Delivers the key administrative skills and vision to keep the project on track.