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New book about competencies in organizational e-learning

The Know-Center has co-authored a chapter in a new publication that serves as a comprehensive reference for how competencies can be utilised for organizational e-Learning

In the chapter, "Competency Management using the Competence Performance Approach, Modeling, Assessment, Validation and Use", the authors report on a substantial advancement in the practice of competency management in organizations. They begin by reviewing current competency approaches and models, and outlining key future challenges for the field. From that initial analysis they devise a new approach with a strong theoretical background, providing the relevant evaluation data. "The resulting model is an important contribution to competencies as a management discipline", said Professor Albert, a co-author of the chapter, "The book chapter illustrates a research methodology that can be useful for readers seeking ways of testing or creating tailored competency management models for their organizations or institutions."

While the use of the term "competencies" has grown significantly in scientific literature an discussions focusing on workplace and organizational learning in recent years, what was lacking was a reference guide that provided a full understanding of its meaning. The recently published book, Competencies in Organizational eLearning (ed. Miguel-Angel Sicilia, University of Alcalá, Spain) (http://www.igi-pub.com/books/details.asp?id=6458 ) fills that gap, providing a comprehensive view of how competencies can be utilised for eLearning. The book was recently published by the Idea Group.