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Second Prototype APOSDLE

This document reports on the “Second Prototype APOSDLE”, an available prototype system which is running on dedicated project servers. This document describes the main features of this prototype, giving also insight into development issues without the need of having access to the actual prototype.

The base for this deliverable is the “Software Architecture Document” together with the “Use Scenarios & Requirements for 2nd Prototypes”, where a detailed description of requirements and architecture is given (see 1.3 Related Documents).

According to the Description of Work the Second Prototype APOSDLE is subdivided into five Deliverables (D I.4, D II.4, D III.4, D IV.4, D V.4). This document combines all these deliverables into a single document, thus making it easier to access information about the prototype in its entirety.

However, each deliverable denotes exactly one chapter in the document:

• Work & Modelling Tools – WP I
• Learning Tools – WP II
• Collaboration Tools – WP III
• Platform (Integrated Knowledge Structure Part) – WP IV
• Platform (Semantic Spaces Part) – WP V

In addition to these work package specific chapters, there is one chapter which is common to all work packages, illustrating a guided tour through the prototype from the view of an end user.

Overall this second prototype is an important milestone in the APOSDLE project. It will be deployed and evaluated directly at the application partners.