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Final System Architecture for 3rd APOSDLE Prototypes

This document is the final Software Architecture Document for the third prototypes of the APOSDLE (Advanced Process Oriented Self-Directed Learning Environment) System. Based on the requirements documented in Deliverable D6.3 „Use Cases & Application Requirements 2 (Second Prototype)' (APOSDLE consortium 2007a), Deliverable D6.4 „APOSDLE Use Scenarios and Requirements for 3rd Prototype' (APOSDLE consortium 2008a) and on the findings of the formative evaluation of the second prototype of the APOSDLE System documented in Deliverable D6.7 „Formative Evaluation Report of 2nd Prototypes? (APOSDLE consortium 2008b) this document describes the software architecture of APOSDLE by following Standard 1471-2000 of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, the IEEE Recommended Practice for Architectural Description of Software-Intensive Systems (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers 2000). The IEEE 1471-2000 standard suggests the use of views for documenting different aspects of a software intensive system, without recommending special views. We base the views model used in this Software Architecture Document in the 4+1 Views Model of Kruchten (1995) (2003).