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APOSDLE - work, learn, collaborate

Conceptual Framework & Architecture Version 2

This deliverable gives an overview of the overall APOSDLE design approach to work-integrated learning support. For an in-depth discussion of the work-integrated learning paradigm related to informal learning theories please refer to the integrated Deliverable D II.8 & D III.5 APOSDLE Perspective on Self-Directed Work-integrated Learning. This deliverable will focus exclusively on our approach to design support mechanisms for work-integrated learning as prototypically implemented within APOSDLE Prototype 3. Specifically this deliverable addresses three major APOSDLE design concepts: models, user?s work context and user profiles; integrated work, learn, and cooperation support; and the knowledge artefact lifecycle. We apply a battery of semantic and scruffy approaches to each of these concepts in order to design learning support flexible enough to cope with challenges of work-integrated learning. By doing so, we draw from approaches to context-aware systems, user modelling, adaptive system design, learning and instruction methods, recommendation systems, retrieval and clustering algorithms as summarized in the following:

  • APOSDLE models and their relationships (Chapter 3)
  • Userís work context and user profiles (Chapter 4)
  • Integrated work, learn and cooperation support (Chapter 5)
  • Knowledge artefact lifecycle (Chapter 6)