APOSDLE organizes WM2009 Workshop

Together with the MATURE IP, APOSDLE organizes a workshop on Knowledge Services and Mashups (KSM09) at the WM 2009 in Solothurn (Switzerland). The call for papers is open until 31 October 2008.

Large monolithic knowledge management systems as the one-for-all KM solution have largely failed to live up to their expectations. In particular, they have failed

  • to integrate into work practices of the individual, thus lacking adoption by the individual
  • to adapt to different types and sizes of companies, different type of employees as well as changing requirements of those
  • to acknowledge that knowledge management is not an isolated activity within a company, but rather an activity of "networked individuals"

In line with the trend towards modular service-oriented architectures, we can observe that knowledge management solutions increasingly adopt more modular approaches. However, these developments are usually merely a decomposition into software components without taking into account the user of such systems. But the notion of service goes beyond components; it usually assumes that the granularity of functionality as well as packaging is motivated by usage patterns (e.g., business processes) and not purely technical (software engineering) considerations.

25-27 March 209, Solothurn, Switzerland

WM2009 Workshop: Knowledge Services and Mashups (KSM09)

5. Konferenz Professionelles Wissensmanagement

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